«Baikal - Two Shores» 3-11.09.2020 (Engl)

Ulan-Ude-Gremyachinsk-Holy Nose-Chivyrkuisky Bay-Olkhon-Listvyanka-port of Baikal-Irkutsk
The tour is for curious and active people of any age, it will be exciting (all the main sights of Baikal Lake in 6 days - 800 km by land and water) and fun (participants of multi-year trips will make a core team) - good company guaranteed. Русский вариант (the Russian version) - смотри/click here



The largest freshwater lake in Eurasia and the deepest one in the world (locals call it the "Sea"), located in the southern part of Eastern Siberia, on the border of Irkutsk region and Buryatia, distance from Irkutsk - 70 km, from Ulan-Ude - 130 km, from Moscow - about 5,000 km. The route will run over the central part of the lake, its water area, the western and eastern shores, the largest island of Olkhon, near the main rivers - Angara, Selenga and Barguzin, and via two capitals of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.



Sightseeing tour "Baikal - Two Shores", September 3-11, 2020.

The cost of the service per 1 person, Euro.

accommodation 4-11.09
standartwithout tent
in a double or triple room
850 Euro950 Euro
single room
1050 Euro1150 Euro

The cost is calculated for a group of at least 12 people (currently 6). if there are fewer, the price can be increased.

accommodation "in a double or triple room" assumes accommodation of 2-3 men or women, or a couple in a room with all conveniences (any 3-4 persons in one tent for 2 camping nights).

 The cost of service includes:

  • group transfer Ulan-Ude airport -hotel- Irkutsk airport (for flights arriving no later than 9:00 a.m. and departure no earlier than 7:00 a.m.)
  • route transfers (including off-road transport and a boat to Olkhon Island)
  • accommodation in two-star+ hotels and bases, rooms with conveniences, 1-2-3 beds, camping organization and living (2 nights, 3-4 persons in a tent) - in tour "standart"
  • meals - 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches or snacks, 6 dinners
  • guided sightseeing and walking tours: Ivolginsky Datsan, the city of Ulan-Ude, Listvyanka, through the Holy Nose, Olkhon Island (Cape Khoboy)
  • guiding of a local guide (days 2,3,5,7) and team leader from Moscow

Additionally paid per 1 person:

  • flights: 3.09 Moscow-Ulan-Ude, 11.09 Irkutsk-Moscow – as for 6.11.19, from 200 Euro (aircompany "Pobeda" direct flight, other flights available also) – carry-on bag only; 20 kg baggage rate is from 30 Euro  (round-trip), the price can significantly increase!
  • surcharge in case of a group is less than 12 persons - no more than 5% for every "missing" one
  • payment of the boat in case of an overnight stay in Zmeinaya Bay – 1,000 rubles (must)
  • landing at Ushkany Islands - 30 Euro (optional)
  • food (where not provided) - approximately 5 Euro for lunch and 10 Euro for dinner
  • rent of sleeping bags - 5 Euro for 2 days
  • visit (optional) of Baikal Museum and cable car ticket to Chersky stone (viewpoint) - 5 Euro each
  • banya and thermal spring - from 15 Euro

Commission for travel agencies and organizers - 7% (of the cost of service only)

For reservations, send a request to the address: al@abs-tour.rumaria@abs-tour.ru



The tour is divided into several very different parts, each allowing you to touch one of the unique pieces of Baikal Lake, feel its diversity and changing beauty.

1. Ulan-Ude - Barguzinsky Bay. The way to Baikal begins from the eastern Buryat side. Having visited Ulan-Ude and its sights (including the main Buddhist temple of Russia), we will travel along the steppe valley of the Selenga River, the largest river flowing into Baikal Lake, by new good road to the coast of the Barguzinsky Bay with low hills and a fairly developed territory. In the evening we wind down after a hard flight at a comfortable base with a bathhouse and a good restaurant.
2. Holy Nose - Chivyrkuisky Bay. Further on, the route runs northwards to the Trans-Baikal National Park by off-road vehicles - this is the most difficult, diverse and exciting part of the way. The dirt road passing the waterlogged lowland isthmus (known for Arangatuy Lake with bird nesting grounds), leads to the mountain ridge of the Svyatoy Nos/Holy Nose Peninsula - the steppe and bog landscapes being replaced with real wild taiga with pine, larch and cedar forests. At the small fishing village of Monakhovo in Chivyrkuy Bay, romantic nights will pass in the taiga, accompanied by the sound of Baikal, in tents, singing by the fire; swimming in the Zmeiny hot springs (if you are lucky, harmless water-snakes will warm together with us); real mountain hike along a hiking trail in the wild forest to the summit plateau with amazing views of the distant west shore and the closer opposite shore of the Chivyrkuisky Bay, with Barguzinsky Nature Reserve, the oldest one in Russia. The next day, there will also be a lot of romance and drive - a boat trip to Olkhon Island across the whole Baikal; on the way - wonderful views of the shores and islands (landing at Ushkany islands with the rookery of Baikal seal is possible), open water area (where one can swim) ... – hope it will be rather calm.
3. The island of Olkhon. The most famous and popular natural site of Baikal. Olkhon features an amazing variety of Baikal’s landscapes: there is a steppe with well-heated bays, and sandy beaches with dunes, and groves of deciduous trees along the shore, and dense taiga of a relic spruce, and marble rocks decorated with red mosses, and marshes overgrown with abundant aquatic plants, and a lot of memorial sites of the Buddhist cult. We will see all these on tour by off-roaders.
4. Irkutsk - Listvyanka. It’s nice to get some comfort and civilization after a long touring. By a good road, we get to the city of Irkutsk known for its history since the development of Eastern Siberia: from 1661 – the foundation by Cossacks breaking new grounds, and activities of exiled Decembrists to the construction of Trans-Siberian railway and, finally, modern achievements of the aviation industry. From Irkutsk, we will make a tour to Listvyanka - the so-called "Baikal gate", the center of tourism and research of the lake (limnological institute with the famous museum), and a boat trip over the source of the Angara River (passing the Shaman Stone – forbidding island rising from the water) to the Circum-Baikal Railway - great engineering construction; we will mount the viewpoint - Chersky stone, for a sentimental farewell to Baikal.


  • September 3rd
    Departure from Moscow to Ulan-Ude (those who wish to soak a history of Ulan-Ude in detail can start earlier and make an individual program before meeting with the main group).
  • September 4th
    Arrival to Ulan-Ude airport (no later than 09:00 a.m.). A trip to Ivolginsky Datsan - the residence of the head of Buddhism in Russia. Then – sightseeing tour over the key places of interest of the city of Ulan-Ude. Lunch at the city restaurant (extra charge). Transfer to the shore of Baikal Lake – to Gremyachinsk or Ust-Barguzin (140/270 km - 3/5 hours respectively). Accommodation in the hostel/base located near Baikal Lake. Dinner and acquaintance evening will be continued in a real Russian banya (extra charge) and night swim in Baikal ...
  • September 5th
    Breakfast. Transfer to the village of Monakhovo (170 km, 4 hours) located on the shore of the picturesque Chivyrkuy Bay, Svyatoy Nos/Holy Nose peninsula. On the way we will pass wetlands in the delta of Barguzin River and Arangatui Lake; then set tent camp on a campsite near the village of Monakhovo; take a walk by a good path along the picturesque shore of the bay to hot springs Zmeinye/Snake Springs, bathing is possible. If the campsite is overcrowded, a boat will be rented to Zmeinaya Bay - payment of 1,000 rubles per person is a must. Camping in the wild on the beach: common camping equipment is provided, individual thermal underwear, warm waterproof jacket, hiking shoes and sleeping bag is needed (or you can rent the latter). Dinner – self-cooked over a campfire. For part of the group (program "without tents") - return to Gremyachinsk, overnight at the hotel, the next day - rest (fishing, excursions are possible).
  • September 6th
    Breakfast. Hiking along the taiga path to the top of the Svyatoy Nos Peninsula (with excellent views of the western shore of Baikal Lake and Barguzinsky Reserve) and picnic on the plateau. Camping in the wild on the beach, dinner self-cooked over a campfire.
  • September 7th
    Breakfast (campfire cooking). Boarding, departure to the opposite shore of Baikal Lake by boat - to the sacred and famous island of Olkhon, to the village of Khuzhir. The voyage takes about 10 hours (almost 100 km), seeing the boundless waters and distant shores on the way, and of course a picnic. Landing on the Ushkany Islands is possible – visit of seals viewpoint (entrance charge – 2,000 rubles) and swim in open Baikal. Arrival to the village in the evening, touristic hostel/base accommodation. A short walk through the village to the Shaman Rock - one of the nine holy sites of Asia, will be offered. Return and overnight at the base. Dinner. Russian banya upon request (extra charge).
  • September 8th
    Breakfast. Tour to Cape Khoboy after breakfast, which is the northernmost point of the largest island on Baikal Lake with a view to the opposite shore of Baikal, including the Holy Nose Peninsula. During the tour we will admire the views of the most beautiful lonely sandy bays and beaches numerous on Olkhon, a picnic will be organized. Return to the base, dinner.
  • September 9th
    Breakfast. Transfer to the city of Irkutsk (one can immediately go to Listvyanka) along a scenic road through the taiga and forest-steppe distant from Baikal - 300-350 km (about 8 hours with stops). A stop for lunch in cafe on the road will be made (lunch is extra). Arrival. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Evening walk.
  • September 10th
    Breakfast. Tour to the shore of Baikal Lake, to the village of Listvyanka - 75 km (1.5 hours). In the village located at the source of the Angara River we will visit a viewpoint (Chersky stone, almost 300 meters above the lake level, with a beautiful view), St. Nicholas Church, the Baikal Museum, souvenir and fish markets with a wide variety of Baikal souvenirs made of minerals (kidney-stone, charoite, lazurite), various shamanistic charms and products of cedar are available for shopping, there will be time to dine on your own in a fish restaurant. We will cross the source of the Angara by ferry and visit the port of Baikal to see the beginning of the famous and unique Circum-Baikal Railway. Back to the hotel in Irkutsk in the evening, farewell dinner in one of the city restaurants (at your own expense).
  • September 11th
    Early transfer to the airport for flights from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. Those who want to get acquainted with Irkutsk in detail can fly later by an individual program.

Attention! The weather on Baikal is unstable, therefore significant changes can be made to the route (especially to "offshore" and hiking parts), while all additional costs are not compensated; small changes are possible in other parts for "technical reasons" - procedure of visiting places of interest, replacement for similar, etc.

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